Pit Bull saves many lives in Devastating

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Posted on March 5, 2015, 10:25 am

A Peruvian dog named Gringo (slang for American) saved the life of his owner and many others when he alerted them of a dangerous fire that consumed their homes. The hero dog suffered major burns but his heroism didn’t go unnoticed. A local veterinarian took over the dog’s care and saved the pet’s life.

In Peru’s Rimac district many low income people make homes with whatever materials they have at hand. This poverty-run district is what Gringo and his owner Carlos Morales called home, but after the devastating fire, both residents were left homeless.

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Gringo with his injuries after the fire.

On top of not having a place to live in anymore, Gringo had multiple burns that required immediate medical assistance. Morales feared that his lack of economic funds to cover the dog’s care would cause his best friend’s death, but when people learned how heroic the dog acted on the night of the fire, many decided to help.

Veterinarian Rodrigo Rondón stepped up to care for the dog and help him heal. For a month, Gringo moved into Rondón’s vet clinic and there, the Pit bull mix, fought off various infections and healed from his extensive burns.

On September 26, 2014, Morales and Gringo met again on live television after spending a month apart. The reunion was very emotional and tears were visible on Morales eyes. The dog owner hugged and kissed his pet, and the dog never stopped wagging his tail.

“He is the only friend I have,” Morales said in between sobs.

That day, Morales took a life-changing decision for his dog, a decision Morales called the toughest one of his life.

Knowing the fire devoured everything Morales had – including his modest home – the humble man decided it was best to surrender Gringo and allow a family with better economic means to adopt the pet.


Gringo and his owner Carlos Morales reunite 30 days after the fire.

Peruvians are calling Morales’s decision a responsible one. With so many dogs already suffering hunger and homelessness in Peru, there is no need for Gringo to fall into that unfortunate life when so many people are interested in adopting him.

Morales was very sad to walk away from his dog, but he is doing what is best for his pet.

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