'Group Wallpaper' contest

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Posted on April 19, 2015, 11:30 am

All of us love pets, don’t we?

So we come up with an idea to get photo of our Facebook Group members pets and We received wonderful picture of their pets, and choosing the best was a difficult task. So we came up with a collage to appreciate all the group members.. We also would like to appreciate there photography skill as well.. :)

Thank you for show off the many personalities of your pets! "Group Wallpaper" contest "Group Wallpaper" contest

And any other pets you like!

Zoey pet of Alyssa Buller and she is a trainer too..
(Pawsitive Transformations)

Marley pet of Lorraine Foster

Shadow pet of Stephanie Castro

Ren and stumpy a rankin dragons of Kelly Mindyaown

Pet of Deborah L. Hunter and Abnormal Hunter, They provide a second chance for Birds that have been abandoned and abused. (Earth is still with good peoples..)

Fisher Parrots pet of Waqar Saleem

Gimli pet of Puddie Nowak Einstein?

Meme pet of Kathy Liebel Vaden?

Astro pet of Aravind Kumar Ganesan

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