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However, you might be wondering why all the images are Creative Commons, Public Domain or used with permission, and the text of the site is not.

The answer is simple - this site took a long time to put together, finding all the photos and writing the text to go with them. Its not like it was generated with a dictionary parser and a Flickr-spidering bot, the entire site was painstakingly assembled by hand over several years. The copyright is simply protection from someone taking a screenscraper to the entire site and duplicating it verbatim. Think I'm paranoid? Of course I am - I've seen entire copies of Wikipedia duplicated on other websites. So PLEASE DO NOT MIRROR THE ENTIRE SITE.

Maintenance of Indian Pet Animals

In India, maintaining pets involves a lot of responsibility. Owning a pet is like keeping a bargain. One must choose ones animal with care, being sure that the owner can look after it correctly. A person must consider the space they have for keeping a pet, whether he can exercise the pet regularly, what the owner`s family thinks of the pet who is to become a new member of the same, the monetary aspect of keeping a pet and feeding it properly. Moreover, the owner of the pet must take proper care so that the neighbours are not disturbed by the presence of the pet in their house and the entire locality.

The Government of India introduced several pet laws to safeguard the interest of the pets. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act was enacted in December 1960 to prevent cruelty against the animals. Later in 1962, the Animal Welfare Board of India was set up under Section 4 of the PCA 1960.

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