Kingdom - Animalia
Phylum - Chordata
Class - Mammalia
Order - Perissodactyla
Family - Equidae
Genus - Equus



A mule is the result of the mating of a male donkey (jack) and a female horse (mare) to produce a hybrid.
Scientific Info
Scientific Name - Equus Mule
Type - Mammal
Diet - Herbivore
Size - 1.2-1.5m (47-59in)
Weight - 350-450kg (771-992lbs)
Top Speed - 24km/h (15mph)
Life Span - 15-20 years
Lifestyle - Herd
Conservation Status - Least Concern
Colour - Grey, Brown, Black
Skin Type - Fur
Favourite Food - Grass
Habitat - Arid forests and deserts
Main Prey - Grass, Weeds, Vegetables
Predators - Fox, Wolf, Lion
Distinctive Features - Stocky body and long snout and ears

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