Kingdom - Animalia
Phylum - Chordata
Class - Mammalia
Order - Carnivora
Family - Mustelidae
Genus - Mustela



The ferret is a domestic animal thought to be native to Europe. The ferret is thought to be a subspecies of polecat and the ferret has the same long shaped body as a polecat and a weasel.
Scientific Info
Scientific Name - Mustela Putorius Furo
Type - Mammal
Diet - Carnivore
Size - 40cm - 50cm (18in - 21in)
Weight - 0.7kg - 2kg (1.5lbs - 4lbs)
Top Speed - 25km/h (15mph)
Life Span - 7 - 10 years
Lifestyle - Solitary
Conservation Status - Threatened
Colour - Brown, Black, Tan, Grey
Skin Type - Fur
Favourite Food - Mice
Habitat - Forest and grasslands
Average Clutch Size - 4
Main Prey - Mice, Rabbit, Gophers
Predators - Owls, Foxes, Badgers
Distinctive Features - Long thin body and large eyes

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