Kingdom - Animalia
Phylum - Arthropoda
Class - Insecta
Order - Hymenoptera
Family - Apidae
Genus - Bombus

Bumble Bee


The bumble bee is the most common type of bee with around 250 different species of the bumble bee found around the world.
Scientific Info
Scientific Name - Bumble Bee
Type - Bombus
Diet - Herbivore
Size - 1.9-3.8cm (0.75-1.5in)
Life Span - 1 year
Conservation Status - Threatened
Colour - Yellow, Black, Orange
Skin Type - Hair
Favourite Food - Nectar
Habitat - Quiet forests and pastures
Average Clutch Size - 200 ( Litter )
Main Prey - Nectar, Pollen, Honey
Predators - Bats, Frogs, Skunks
Distinctive Features - Black and yellow body and sting on tail of the female

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